Read Milking Systems

We at Landmore are always aiming to build a solid working relationship with you. We are happy to work with Read Milking Systems who like us are 100% NZ owned family company.

Read Milking Systems is a company which has been servicing the Dairy industry since 1922. Read’s are able to supply both Herringbone and Rotary Milking Systems to suit all types of designs and sizes of farm dairies.

Their Product range includes:

  • Read Slide Pulsator
  • Read Circuit wash system
  • Milk Filters
  • Read Plate Heat exchanger
  • Cup removers and more

No job is to small or too big for us to handle!


  Here is a arrangement of cup removers and bail restraint.


 Rotary Bail

 This is a example of a receiving can setup with a automatic drains and varable speed drive.

 A wash tub and hotwater cylinder

  Milk filter and cooler System