Dairy Meal Feeding Systems

Dairy meal feeding systems obtain better results when they are used as a complement to pasture, not as a replacement. It is also important to note that the performance of the system changes with different types of feed and that our systems are for dry feed only. To attain quality lactations from each cow, we must provide for the cow a highly digestible dry feed with a good nutrient balance. This will supply her requirements to milk contentedly and provide for the next calf.

These requirements are concepts Landmore seeks to provide the farming community. With the correct equipment and by working closely with you, our team of fitters can install and maintain the meal feeding system to suit your requirements. With a 90mm auger pipe that ensures rapid movement and easy filling of all dispensers with a 4kg capacity, this ensures a reliable low maintenance system.

Our product range is being developed so that Landmore Agri can provide an even wider range for our customers.


Additional Extras

Blower Kits

Blowers kits allow bulk trucks with blowers on boards to quickly and easily fill a silo. These are an available option for new silos, and can be retro-fitted to older ones.

No more climbing up on the silo roof risking life and limb. This is the most common method around the world for filling.  



Bag off Chute

The bag off chute allows you to take feed out of the silo so if you need a quick bucket of feed this is easily achieved. This an be retro-fitted to any Silo.



Vibrators are an option to use when meal won't flow from the silo or if bridging occurs. 

Mounted securely on the silo base, they are controlled by the starting and stopping of the feed drive motor, so they only run when needed. Other features include adjustable vibration levels and single or three phase power options.


Bridge Buster

The Bridge Buster operates using compressed air streams between the silo wall and the collar. The vibration and compressed air causes the bulk material to flow again.

The Bridge Buster can even be installed if the silo is already filled. It can be operated either manually or automatically; and this system can be expanded without great effort.




Our Dairy Meal Feeding silo's are the Big Dutchman brand. 

Legs bolted two rings up for superior strength, now standard with two sight glasses, so no more guessing what is left in the silo. Other features such as Duo-galv construction, non-corrosive moulded features.

Blower kit shown an optional extra.


Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are used in many bulk handling systems as an efficient way to move product in to silos. Fully galvanised auger and frame this is powered by a three phase 5.5kw belt driven motor or PTO. This system also features a reversing switch and easily adjustable height. 35 ton at 30° slope /  22 ton at 70° slope



Our double steel dropper support assures no damage or access from stock to the individual dispensers.

Rotary Options

  • Internal or External
  • Stainless or Aluminium Bins
  • Single or multiple Feed Heads

Meal Feeding Shed Transformations



Pencil Augers 125mm: Fully galvanised

For loading mixer wagons /buckets 7 ton an hour at 70 degrees slope.

Single or 3 phase motors avaliable.

Rotary System:

Simple robust on-off control system makes for years of reliabile feeding.

Robust triangular support system totally resistant to cow damage.

Goat Systems:

No matter what you feed, we have the solution and capability.